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  • 2014 Port Towns Youth Council & Pathways to Career Success Graduation Celebration Thu, 10 April 2014
    Location: La Fountaine Bleue, Lanham, MD

    This event celebrates 22 outstanding young community leaders graduating from Bladensburg High School (BHS) this Spring.  Since entering their freshman year in 2010, these students have made many amazing accomplishments as they navigated through ETHM's Port Towns Youth Council and Pathways to Career Success educational, leadership and character building programs.  Being Wellness Ambassadors, their academic performance accelerated as they learned and taught others how to live healthy lifestyles through their public policy advocacy work.  To purchase tickets or to make a donation to ETHM's 2014 Graduation Celebration online please visit then select Graduation Celebration.

  • The Powerful Untold Story of Walking Revealed in New Documentary Film
    The Powerful Untold Story of Walking Revealed in New Documentary Film The Walking Revolution, a documentary film released today by Every Body Walk!, explores how the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other has significant health and environmental benefits. Powered by Kaiser Permanente, Every Body Walk! is a campaign and collaborative effort aimed to encourage the American public to walk (or roll, for those who are unable to walk), on a regular basis to improve their health and have fun in the process.
June 15th Town Meeting Presentation

Before You Eat the Church Food... Watch this Video!

HEALing Communites: Building Wellness Zones in the Port Towns of Maryland

A Presentation of Wellness & Prevention Efforts In Prince George’s County, presented by Kaiser Permanente


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